Blackberry Smash

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The Blackberry Smash has always been a crowd favorite of many Bourbon Cocktail lovers, but has always been a bit difficult to do at home. Taking a fresh Simple Times twist on the classic we have combined blackberries, elderberries and sage with a refreshing lemon base. Bold, yet refreshing for a crisp night.

Each 32ox bottle makes 8-10 cocktails

*Does not contain any alcohol* 

Pairs with 
Nutrition Facts 

IngredientsTriple Filtered Water, Lemon, Peach, Organic Cane Sugar, Blackberry, Elderberry, Sage 

Contains 22% Juice

8 Servings Per Container

Serving Size 4oz

Calories Per Serving 60 

Total Fat 0g                            0%

Sodium 0mg                          0%

Total Carb 17g                       6%

Total Sugar 16g

   Includes 15g acidic sugars 29%

Protein  0g