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Traveling With Cocktail Mixers

Traveling With Mixers

Do you have a vacation coming up? Purchasing mixers can be expensive while traveling, especially when you are staying at nice resorts or in vacation hotspots. It can be hard to find exactly what you like in a new area, so why not eliminate these frustrations and bring your own supplies! 


Shipping ahead 

Shipping your favorite mixer directly to your vacation address can be a smart way to eliminate the hassle of packing it with all your luggage. If you want to ship your mixers straight to your destination, be sure you have the correct address beforehand. Contact your vacation destination to double check their delivery process before ordering your product. The last thing you want is to show up to find your package was delivered to the wrong place.

To ensure your product arrives on time, purchasing in advance and reviewing shipping details is important. We recommend purchasing your product at least a week ahead of your trip. If you are concerned about timing, Simple Times Mixers is always happy to help review shipping costs and timing with customers when planning a trip! 

Flying with product 


If you are unable to ship the product to your destination, packing the supplies in your luggage is another option. When packing in luggage, wrap the glass bottles in a protective material like bubble wrap to prevent breakage. Another good idea is to put these items, once wrapped well, into a waterproof bag, garbage bag, plastic bag, so if it were to break or leak your other items would not be ruined. 

A broken bottle isn’t the end of the world, but arriving on your vacation to find all your belongings and clothes ruined is far from ideal. When packing in the suitcase or bag, place it far from the walls of the luggage (closer to the middle is best) that might be more prone to taking hits. Make sure to keep it away from any hard items in your luggage so they don’t bang against each other.

As an extra protective measure you can wrap and surround the bottles with your clothes. If you are flying on a plane, make sure to check the airline guidelines on traveling with liquids so there are no issues at the security gate. Next time you’re going on a vacation hopefully you can enjoy your favorite beverages by trying some of these methods!