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Comparing Organic vs Local Produce

Organic vs Local Produce

Learn the facts and reality in the produce industry 

In making our mixers we use a variety of ingredients that are local, organic and some that are both! Many consumers automatically assume organic produce is also locally grown; however, this is not always true. While food can be both organic and local, organic produce has become such a large business in today’s society that most often it must travel far distances. 

Organic Produce

What is organic produce?

  • Organic produce must be certified by the USDA and follow government regulations. In order to maintain this title, there also are annual check ins to ensure these guidelines are being followed. 
  • Organic produce cannot contain any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and must be non genetically modified organism (GMO), which means no hormones or antibiotics. While it has not scientifically been proven that organic foods are healthier or more nutritious, many believe the absence of these unnatural substances makes them healthier. 

While many environmentally conscious people like the elimination of these harmful toxins, an important thing to note is the distance these foods travel. Due to the increased demand and weight on being environmentally friendly, the need to mass produce these organic foods is prevalent.  Often many miles of transport or “food miles” are necessary to feed the demand. Organic produce travels on average 1200 miles to reach its final destination.

Local Produce 

What is local produce? 

  • Local produce is defined by the range of miles it must be in to be considered “local”. Anything outside a certain geographic range and distance can cause it to be disqualified as a local food. This is why you’ll commonly see local farmers at farmers markets. 
  • Local produce on the other hand, does not need to be USDA approved or follow any government regulations. 

What is the benefit of local produce? 

  • The benefit of local food is that the produce is most nutritious upon being harvested, so you reap the increased nutrients by eating local produce because it's fresh. In addition, buying local produce supports your local farmers. 

As Simple Times Mixers continues to grow, working with local farmers and using organic products is important. We strive to maintain relationships with local farmers to create our all-natural products. Knowing where our fruit comes from and how it was harvested is an extra benefit when working locally!