Frequently Asked Questions

How long are they good for?

All of our mixers are shelf stable (meaning they don't need to be refrigerated until opened) and we recommend a best by date of 9 months after fill date.  After you open them, refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks.

What does 100% All-Natural mean?

We say 100% All-Natural because we use only real ingredients.  No added "Natural Flavors", preservatives or dyes.  Just fruits and herbs grown from the earth the way mother-nature intended.

How much is shipping?

It is flat rate shipping for $8.99 anywhere in the US.  Subscription boxes are free shipping. 

How many drinks can I make?

Typical serving size for making a "standard" sized cocktail will be 3 to 4oz, so you will be able to make 8-10 cocktails from our 32oz bottle and 4-5 cocktails from our 16oz bottle.

Are your products Gluten-Free?

Absolutely our products are Gluten-Free.  All our products are fruit, vegetable and/or herb based only! 

Join the club today!

Join the 100% All-Natural Club, and enjoy cocktails all month long.  All of our products are pasteurized for your safety, which means that you can reseal the mixers, pop them in the fridge and continue enjoying them without any waste or worry.