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Cranberry Cold-Brewed Tea

With the fresh Cranberry fruit being more tart than sweet it made the perfect pairing with our not so dry cold steeped Organic Black Tea. With just the right amount of Lemon to brighten the flavor a little bit, this makes the perfect outdoor cocktail while holding onto the warm weather start to a Fall. Designed for Bourbon but a little too good with Vodka as well

Every Simple Times Mixer: 

  • Is made from fresh, real ingredients
  • Contains nothing artificial (sweeteners, colors, flavors, etc.)
  • Is lovingly handcrafted to make perfectly balanced cocktails every time

32oz Bottle. Makes 8-10 cocktails.

*Does not contain any alcohol*


Cranberry Cold-Brewed Tea - Cold Brewed Organic Black Tea, Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon, Cranberry

The Simple Times Difference

Simple Times Cocktail Mixers All Natural Long Shelf Life Free Shipping
Simple Times Cocktail Mixers - All Natural, 9 Month Shelf Life, Free Shipping, No Additives, Gluten Free and Vegan